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Pilates exercise is a mind/body method that focuses on strengthening the core abdominal, back and buttock muscles. The training program stabilizes the pelvis and shoulder girdle while it lengthens the muscles in the arms and legs. The key to all Pilates exercise routines is the controlled breathing and mental concentration which produce smooth movements to improve balance, coordination and body awareness.

Benefits of Pilates
- Increases core strength and stability
- Increases mobility of arms and legs
- Helps develop longer, leaner muscles with less bulk
- Increases freedom of movement
- Improves coordination and balance
- Increases circulation
- Is easy on joints
- Relieves stress and back pain
- Helps prevent osteoporosis
- Improves posture
- Isolates, activates and conditions the deep core muscles
- Balances strength and flexibility
- Enhances athletic performance
(Yoga, golf, tennis, dance, football, etc.)
- Helps prevent injury
- Heightens mind-body awareness
- Complements other methods of exercise
- Enhances functional fitness and ease of movement
- Can be easily customized for everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes

Who Benefits
- Healthy people of all ages
- People with diagnosed medical concerns who benefit from regular exercise (a physician's release may be required)
- Athletes who want to improve their competitive edge


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